Art Design Competition

Are you an artist? Would you like to use your art to communicate aspects of healthcare?


Since our event is focused on healthcare and technology, we believe it is important to celebrate the interdisciplinary connection between science and the arts, and how healthcare is directly involved with or motivated by aesthetic and emotional factors. Because we acknowledge the broad spectrum of talent in our arts community, we are awarding several grants, in amounts up to $500 for the top award.

Judging Criteria

Media: All art media that can reasonably be presented at our venue will be considered.

Relevance to Mission: We are requesting art that incorporates a healthcare theme, while evoking and inspiring innovation and new perspectives. The relation of the art to technology, innovation, and/or healthcare will be evaluated.

Creativity: We are looking forward to viewing your originality!


To enter, please email a proposal in .pdf to addressing the following:

  1. Experience: What is your concept and how do you anticipate that people will interact with it? Please include preliminary sketches or visualizations if possible.
  2. Technical: How will you create or build this? How much time do you need? What type of materials will be involved? Again, any visualizations you can include would be helpful.
  3. Plan for installing and removing: Include an estimate of how much space and assistance you will need, and how you will assure the venue will be left clean.
  4. Safeguards: If there are any special measures that should be taken to protect the art or the viewers, please include your plan for handling these measures.


Applications are rolling, with the first awards determined before noon on September 6. A portion of funds up to 25% will be set aside for entrees received up to September 14, (two days before the event).

September 15 to 16 — Art installed.

September 18 — Art should be removed after the event by 5pm, or donated.