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BIH (est. 2016) enables students to innovate at the intersection of healthcare, tech and entrepreneurship. In the past, we ran the Brown Hack Health hackathon. From 2021 onwards, we will be running Brown Hatch Health, an incubator that supports student-run medical ventures throughout the spring semester.

Brown Hatch Health

This Spring 2021, Brown Innovation for Health will be launching our inaugural incubator: Brown Hatch Health, where teams of Brown University undergrads and Warren Alpert medical students/clinicians will team up to tackle pressing healthcare issues. 


Work on ventures alongside other Brown students

The Incubator

Throughout a period of 9 weeks, teams will go from idea to MVP through weekly workshops designed to support their venture development. Members will engage in fireside chats with healthcare leaders, dedicated mentorship, fun socials with fellow members, and more. At the end of the incubator, teams will come out with a concept to present at the showcase, knowledge and experience in healthcare innovation, and a strong community of healthcare innovators.


The incubator will kick off in Feb 1 '21 and end Mar 29 '21. Our curriculum will cover topics such as market research , commercial viability , medical regulation , business development and pitching. The healthcare-tailored content will be delivered by our partners at NEMIC (New England Medical Innovation Center), Brown alumni and staff in the healthcare department, and special healthcare guests.

Each team is expected to work on their ideas outside of the allotted weekly workshops, and the participants will have regular check-ins on their progress throughout the incubator.

Past Speakers

Dr. Megan Ranney
Dr. Megan Ranney
Professor @ Emergency Medicine at RI Hospital/Alpert Medical School
Director/Founder @ Brown Emergency Digital Health Innovation program
Dr. Rajiv Kumar
Dr. Rajiv Kumar
President/CMO @ Virgin Pulse (formerly Shape Up), Entrepreneur in Residence @ Cue Ball Capital, Co-Founder of Brown Angel Group
John Sculley
John Sculley
Chairman/CMO @ RxAdvance Corp
Former CEO @ Pepsi 
Former CEO @ Apple

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